Generative AI and ChatGPT – Business English Edition Workshop

รวมเครื่องมือ AI และแหล่งข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมจากใน Workshop

ChatGPT Prompt Examples & Ideas

AI Tools for Listening Tasks An AI-powered tool that provides real-time transcription of meetings, lectures, and conversations.

Grain: AI-driven software that allows users to capture, transcribe, and highlight important parts of video calls.

TLDV: An AI-based tool for creating meeting summaries with key points, decisions, and follow-up actions used with Google Meet & Zoom.

AI Tools for Speaking Tasks

Natural Reader: AI-fueled software that converts text into lifelike speech.

Speechify: An AI-enhanced tool designed to read out text documents.

Microsoft PowerPoint’s Presenter Coach (guide): An AI feature in PowerPoint that helps users rehearse presentations and improve public speaking skills with real-time feedback. AI-powered design tools to create visually engaging slides and presentations from raw notes, with one-click templates and no-code editing.

AI Tools for Reading Tasks

ChatPDF: An AI-powered platform that allows users to interact with PDFs like a chat conversation for easier understanding.

Merlin (Browser Extension): An AI-enhanced browser extension that provides summarizations of Google searches and articles to save time

AI Tools for Writing Tasks

Grammarly: An AI-based digital writing assistant that helps improve grammar, tone, and clarity in English writing.

ProWritingAid: An AI-powered tool providing in-depth grammar checking, style advice, and more to improve writing quality.

Quillbot: An AI text paraphraser, summarizer and grammar checker tool to improve writing, while preserving the original meaning. An AI-enabled sentence search engine that helps users write better English by providing contextualized examples.

Merlin (Browser Extension): An AI-infused browser extension that assists in writing professional emails and LinkedIn messages by providing suggestions and corrections.

Useful Language Learning Apps

Duolingo: An AI-assisted language learning platform that gamifies the process of learning a new language with bite-sized lessons.

Elsa Speak: An AI-powered language pronunciation assistant designed to improve English speaking skills with personalized coaching.

Loora: An AI-enhanced language learning app that provides interactive lessons and cultural insights to promote comprehensive learning.

Cake: An AI-driven app that offers real-world video content and personalized learning paths for English learners.

Lingvist: A smart AI-backed platform that adapts to individual learning capabilities, providing customized vocabulary and grammar lessons in various languages.

Additional readings discussed in the workshop

Artificial Intelligence in Business Communication: The Changing Landscape of Research and Teaching (SAGE Publications – Journal Article)

Why AI Can’t Replace the Human Element in Communications and PR (Linkedin)

Demystifying Generative AI For Communicators (Forbes)

Students switch to AI to learn languages (BBC)

The use of chatbots in university EFL settings: Research trends and pedagogical implications (Frontiers – Psychology of Language, Journal Article)

Taiwan brings in generative AI to help students learn English (Microsoft – Stories Asia)

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