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Examples of Prompts for AI Chatbot

  • Identify potential areas for future research in the context of this [Topic Sentence]
  • Identify gaps in the literature on [Topic Sentence]
  • Generate a list of research hypotheses related to [Topic Sentence]
Finding Research Papers:
  • I’m looking for credible sources to support my argument on [topic] in an academic paper of [length].
  • I’m trying to find original research on [topic] that I can use to back up my claims in a [length] paper.
  • Finding research paper I need to write a research paper on [topic] that covers both sides of the argument and includes evidence from at least [number] sources.
Research trend analysis: 
  • I want to conduct research trend analysis in the field of [field/topic]. Can you help me identify emerging trends, and potential areas of exploration? Include dates of importance, fields of thought, areas of contention and debate, and include prominent authors.
Analyze Qualitative Data: 
  • Help me analyze research data from a spreadsheet of 30 participants, who were interviewed about [detail]. Extract two significant quotes per participant, summarize their use cases, and identify common themes. Present similar results together and consider all actions from the perspective of [context].
Identify biases: 
  • Identify potential biases in research outputs or the following information [copy and paste the relevant information]
Sources for learning more about academic research prompts:

Al Tools for Reading Tasks

Connected Papers: Explore academic papers in a visual graph

Consensus: Ask a question, get conclusions from research papers

Humata: Chat and ask any questions from the long documents.

AI Tools for Writing Tasks

Paperpal: AI assistant for academic writing AI-powered tool for writing research papers.

Trinka: AI-enabled language & grammar checker for academic writing

Scribbr: AI proofreader, paraphraser, summarizer and grammar checker

MyBib: Citation generator and bibliography management tool

Grammarly: An AI-based digital writing assistant that helps improve grammar, tone, and clarity in English writing

ProWritingAid: An AI-powered tool providing in-depth grammar checking, style advice, and more to improve writing quality

Quillbot: An AI text paraphraser, summarizer and grammar checker tool to improve writing, while preserving the original meaning An AI-enabled sentence search engine that helps users write better English by providing contextualized examples

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